Caroline Sabbah
Clinical Nutritionist​
Areas of Expertise

Holistic Nutrition

Functional Nutrition and Medicine

Lifestyle and Nutrigenomics

Life and Wellness Coach

Metabolic Balance Coach

Caroline Sabbah, L.L.L (Law), CNP, NNCP is a first class honours graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (CNP). While certified has a Holistic Nutritionist, Caroline’s training goes beyond holistic nutrition. She also holds a Functional Nutrition certification (CFNC), Culinary Nutrition certification from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition (CNE) and a Functional Medicine Mastery certification from the Integrative Medicine Academy. She is also a Metabolic Balance Coach and in the process of completing her studies in Functional Medicine at the Functional Medicine University, Human Potential coach at the Human Potential Institute and International Coach Federation as well as Translational Nutrigenomics at Manuka Genetics. In addition to attending yearly seminars, webinars, workshops and courses and keeping up with current research, she’s also completed further trainings in genetics, digestive health, microbiome restoration, SIBO and other causes of gut dysbiosis, functional testing, herbal medicine and positive psychology, neuro linguistic reprogramming, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural approach.

Caroline also holds a Law degree from the University of Ottawa (LL.L) and certifications in family, civil and commercial mediation. Caroline’s professional life began as an insurance litigator in a specialized boutique law firm after which she ran her own private mediation practice.

It’s only after years in practice that Caroline decided to pursue her true passions, holistic health and helping others. Caroline’s passion grew through the years while searching for solutions for her personal health problems. Her personal successful journey towards health and vitality is a testament to the impactful contribution of nutrition and understanding the mind body connection.

Caroline developed a unique approach and holistic practice bridging whole food nutrition, metabolic balance, gut health and brain health, genetics and epigenetics, neuroscience and neuroplasticity with limbic system and mindset reprogramming and lifestyle routine building.

She offers services in Functional Medicine Nutrition, Lifestyle and Nutrigenomics, Health Performance Coaching and Metabolic Balance Coaching with a focus on Brain and Gut Health, Genetics and the Mind Body, Gut Brain connection, developing an individualized and customized approach that fits your unique and specific needs with support, guidance, care and compassion. She empowers people to unlock their true health potential through a process of self-discovery, self-healing and self-care. She believes that both the body and the mind can be used as tools for health and that gaining an understanding and awareness as well as addressing one’s underlying root causes such as nutrient deficiencies, environmental factors, micro organism, hormonal and metabolic imbalances and food sensitivities is instrumental for long-term health and wellbeing.

So whether you are simply looking for a consultation on genetics through our genetics testing services, on gut health or brain health, life and wellness coaching, metabolic balance weight loss or a comprehensive approach and program encompassing all of these modalities book your free discovery call to see how Caroline can best meet your own very unique and specific needs.

With her multi faceted approach and training, she’s passionate about helping her clients lead healthier, happier lives with more energy and brain power meeting VitalityMd’s vision of integrative medicine, providing clients with the very best in Integrative and Collaborative care.

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