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Simple Strategies to Reduce Hot Flashes So You Can Stop Melting

Do you find yourself dreading summer months in a way you never used to? Having issues sleeping, waking up drenched? If so, you are not alone.

More than 70% of women in peri-menopause and menopause experience hot flashes and night sweats, which can cause excessive sweating, flushing and chills.

What is a Hot Flash?

Hot flashes occur when blood vessels in the skin of the head and neck open more widely than usual, allowing more blood to shift into the area, creating heat and redness. Researchers believe that this vascular shift is due to changes in neurotransmitter activities that are not fully understood, occurring in response to erratic hormone levels.

While researchers continue to look at the underlying causes of hot flashes, one thing is certain: Every woman can learn to stay cool by paying attention to her own individual triggers. What seems to trigger a hot flash for one woman might give another woman no trouble at all. Learning your triggers may be all you need to control your hot flashes.

Now for the Good Stuff

Here are some common triggers that you can experiment with. Remember to keep a journal to record your individual findings.

  • Hot, spicy food - Many women find that spicy food aggravates or even triggers hot flashes.

  • Hot drinks - Warm beverages can heat you up just enough to trigger a hot flash. If this is true for you, stick with cold or room-temperature drinks instead.

  • Caffeine - Eliminate all caffeine (even decaffeinated drinks) for one week to see if caffeine is a trigger for you.

  • Alcohol - Alcohol is a refined carbohydrate that acts like sugar in the body. It can cause an epinephrine release, which can trigger a hot flash. Red wine is particularly potent – sorry ladies.

  • Refined sugars and carbs - Refined sugar and carbs can impact blood sugar levels and can trigger hot flashes.

  • Stress - Stress causes a hormonal chain reaction in the body that has been linked to an increased number and severity of hot flashes.

  • Hot weather - You can’t control the weather, but you can set your thermostat at a comfortable level to help keep you cool inside your home.

  • Tobacco. (period)

Four Dietary Tips to Reduce Hot Flashes:

1. Avoid refined and highly processed foods. Eat real wholesome food!

2. Eat vegetables, fruits and flax seeds (2 tablespoons) daily, this ensures adequate fibre intake to support the elimination of toxic estrogens.

3. Avoid alcohol, sugar, spicy foods, caffeine and any foods you suspect you may be sensitive to.

4. Ensure proper hydration, as there is a chance of electrolyte imbalance and dehydration when experiencing hot flashes.

Possible Herbal Remedies:

Black Cohosh – supports estrogen levels and activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Sage – can decrease sweating associated with hot flashes.

I hope some of these solutions give you a lasting moments of reprieve from your melting moments.

If not, you can contact me and we can work together to help you feeling like your old self again.

Caroline Sabbah

Holistic Nutritionist

Using a functional medicine approach, Caroline focuses on uncovering the root causes, the “why”, of your health issues by carefully listening to her clients concerns, looking at the body as a whole, conducting detailed intakes and delivering achievable and customized health programs to restore and maintain optimal health and vitality.

As a clinical holistic nutritionist, Caroline is trained to introduce new dietary habits based on the latest nutritional research and design personalized protocols to achieve optimal health by considering not only food but environmental factors, micro organism imbalances, food sensitivities and lifestyle supporting her clients well being and by assisting other health care providers in their approach.

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