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Who is Sean Waldie?

Who am I, Sean Waldie?

I'm a PILATES and ELDOA method trainer who is opening additional private training hours at VitalityMD.

It is finally time for me to formally introduce myself to those we are humbly privileged to serve. My role in the VitalityMD family is that of an exercise trainer focused on prevention, rehabilitation and recovery from injury that has narrowed your physical choices.

You can have choices again. Watch me explain in this video.

I have been principally located in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto for the last 7 years. Where I have helmed a strong community of clients often working with whole families and their extensions relatives and friends over this time. I am known to be highly effective in the development of personalized exercise programs that create the absence of pain and discomfort. My combination of approaches allows people to be unrestrained and unencumbered from the physical stresses life, work, play and sport place upon us.

This is training for quality of life, for longevity of life, work, play and sport.

The exercise training I offer is designed principally to improve the structure and function of the body so it operates efficiently. This is a drastic shift in philosophy, practice and execution, where by a system of biomechanical concepts has married with exercise with the purpose to train the body to be balanced in muscular flexibility, joint range of motion and quality of breath to name a few of the outcomes.

The improvements you will find through my private training directly translates into all parts of your life. I can say many things from the years of working with people, but what you experience is unique to you and how it will impact your longevity in life, work, play or sport.

Often what I hear on a daily basis is

1. I am glad I started this now!


2. I wish I had started this 20 years ago!

The people who benefit most readily are individuals with an injury that is limiting the physical choices they can make for life, work, play and sport.

Manual Therapists for years have validated the complimentary approach I take which accelerates the healing process and untimely helps return you back to participating fully in your life, work play and sport.

The list of injuries and people from all walks of life and professions which have benefited through the combination of PILATES and ELDOA method training are numerous so I have simplified them

  1. Pain related to the back

  2. Bone and joint pain

  3. Highly physical life, work, play or sport

  4. Seeking education about the body

In the end, word of month says most.

Take a few moments to read some testimonials from people who have been under my care:

"He has an unique, highly inquisitive mind that is deftly able to understand the human body. He is also kind hearted and spirited, allowing him the grace, skill (and humour) to achieve the best outcomes with his clients .---Jean Brown PT/RMT

When I was at my worst, Sean gently guided me through movements and strengthening exercises, often providing immediate relief from the pain. He also helped me learn to pay better attention to what my body was telling me" ---Karen Hoffman, disc herniation

"I came to work with Sean on the advice of my chiropractor, to deal with tendinitis and other shoulder issues, as well as to improve my posture. I’m six foot eight, and I have a lot of bad postural habits to boot. Sean came highly recommended. As I saw in my time with him, the recommendation was well deserved. Sean’s classes had a very positive impact on my recovery and overall well-being. Moreover, besides the positive effects of the training he gave, his classes themselves were a joy to be in because of his great facilitation abilities and good sense of humor. Sean was able both to point out small changes in my body posture that would make a big difference (physical), and to bring attention to and remark on those subtle shifts in ways that, for me anyway, were significant on other “levels” too (psychological, let’s say). He was always very grounded and was able to help me to connect to the exercises in my own way, such that I obtained the intended result. As far as I can tell, all the other participants also thoroughly enjoyed working with him." ---Michael Millerman

Should you have any questions about how my unique and effective approach creates balanced posture and alleviates pain and muscle tension, contact VitalityMD for your free consultation.

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