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What Should I Know About BOTOX® and Filler? An Interview with Dr. Andrea Herschorn

Considering Botox or Filler? Before you do anything, check in with our resident expert, Dr. Herschorn, on why MD-administered treatments make the difference—and what you should know before you begin.

Why should I make sure my Botox® or Filler is administered by a Medical Doctor?

“Choose someone who has both experience and specialized training. In addition to my medical degree, I have a deep understanding of facial anatomy. This means that I can administer treatments exactly where they are meant to be placed for the best aesthetic outcome. I also have specialized training in cosmetic injectable treatments so I can determine which treatments are safest for you. I regularly attend workshops to stay up to date on the latest cosmetic injection techniques and products available.”

Which treatment is best for me?

“I offer a variety of treatments and people should be aware that there are many different products out there. I always perform a full facial evaluation in my initial consultation—as well as complete medical history—to determine what is the best and safest option.”

What can a first-time client expect?

“In our initial consultation I will assess different muscle movements and inspect fine lines and wrinkles. I take a holistic approach by looking at the entire face and determine where I can make adjustments to help improve the overall appearance.”

What is the difference between Botox and “Fillers”?

“Broadly speaking, BOTOX® causes muscle relaxation so that fine lines are diminished while a dermal filler such as Juvederm™ lifts and softens overall. For some patients, I may recommend a combination of both treatments called Soft Lift™, which provides an overall softened, refreshed, and natural look.”

I’m nervous! Will it be obvious that I’ve “had work done”?

“Not to worry! I am dedicated to providing my patients with a natural, softened and refreshed appearance, without looking overdone. After all, my patients are a reflection of my work, so I want them to not only look but truly feel beautiful.”

What else should I know?

“Many physicians can be trained to administer Botox or Filler but it's really an art. To have great esthetic outcomes, patients need someone with a keen eye and artistic flare to get that beautiful, natural result that will have people saying, "you look amazing.... what's your secret?"

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