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Boost Your Immune System and Stay Healthy with a Pre-Holiday Detox

A pre-holiday detox will help boost your immune system and stay healthy during that hectic holiday season. It will also help you start the new year strong.

With the help of our group of doctors and nurses here at VitalityMD, we will go through what I call a “gentle” detox for the holidays. These are lifestyle changes that you can make over the course of 1-2 weeks and longer if you choose, that will clean your body and boost your immune system.


• Start every day with a 1-2 glasses of spring water and lemon juice from a full lemon. Water plays a critical role in detoxification.

• Limit coffee to 1 cup a day. It will be helpful if it is from an organic source. If you need more than a cup a day, supplement a tea with caffeine such as jasmine or green tea.

• It is helpful to consume decaf teas in between meals to support optimal digestion—ginger, peppermint, licorice are all great options.


• Eating organic plays a huge role during a cleanse (eating organic all the time is much preferred).If you are not eating organic, you may be exposing yourself to harmful chemicals that can very well clog your system. Organic produce, grass fed meats, free range chicken, wild fish are all example of organic.

• Remove gluten, dairy, soy and corn during the cleanse. These foods cause inflammation and mucus formation.

• Eliminating sugar, with the exception of 1 low glycemic serving per day (eg: berries, apples, and pears)- sugar in any form may weaken your immune system.

• Include one cleansing juice a day. Dandelion, beets, ginger, cayenne pepper, garlic and lemon are especially beneficial for gentle cleansing. Per the fruit guidelines above, I would avoid pure fruit juices. If you are a light morning eater, have your juice for breakfast, otherwise incorporate your juice as an afternoon snack.

• Ensure that you are getting enough fiber to keep yourself regular (meaning daily basis). Soaked flax and chia seeds can be helpful or purchase our “Pure Lean Fiber”.


• Move your body – getting involved in some kind of movement per day will assist your lymphatic system to circulate and move. Activities such as yoga, pilates or a brisk walk.

• Focus on your breath. Most people don't realize it, but, every breath we take is a form of detox. 5 minutes or more of deep breathing each day can be a highly effective detox tool. There is no incorrect position; find what is most comfortable for you whether it is standing, lying, leaning or seated. A yoga or meditation class work extremely well.

• Get to a steam room, sauna or even better an infrared sauna, as often as you can. Sweating is critical to any detox program. (With infrared sauna technology, you can also lose weight, relax, relieve unwanted pain, increase your circulation, and purify your skin.

6 Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

• Detoxification, Relaxation, Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Improved Circulation, Skin Purification.

• Get to bed earlier than usual. Your body repairs itself while you sleep; it does this by releasing growth and repair hormones. These hormones are most active between 10PM and 2AM. Many studies have shown that the sleep which we get prior to midnight is twice as 'powerful' as the sleep after midnight. Purchase some magnesium or melatonin to help with sleep if you need it.

• There are a variety of herbal and nutritional supplements that can aid in a detox.

Many of these supplements and services can be found right here @ VitalityMD.

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Happy Holidays from the VitalityMD Team !!

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