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Getting Pregnant
Are there ways to optimize your chances of getting pregnant? The answer is YES!
Diminished Ovarian Reserve
DHEA supplementation in patients with Diminished Ovarian Reserve
Pesticides Interfere with Fertility
Some Pesticides may interfere with Reproductive function.
This review provides an overview of the ways that some pesticides may interfere with reproductive function which may lead to problems with infertility,
menstrual cycle disturbances, reduced fertility, prolonged time-to-pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, stillbirths, and developmental defects.
What are Endocrine Disruptors?
A variety of materials including plastic bottles, canned goods, cosmetics, pesticides, toys, detergents, and food, contain endocrine disruptors. We are all exposed to these synthetic chemicals to varying degrees and they may impact on our endocrine system causing a host of different problems.
Endocrine Disruptors & Carcinogens
"A plethora of synthetic chemicals have been introduced into the environment since World War II under the premise that they would improve standards of living without any negative consequences. The hormone-like effects of these environmental chemicals, including pesticides and industrial chemicals, have surfaced in wildlife and humans. This Review highlights the carcinogenic properties of EDCs, with a special focus on bisphenol A."
Bio-identical Hormones
There are many studies which have been done with either bio-identical or non-bioidentical hormone replacement in women over the years.
Testosterone Therapy Safe for Women
Hypoactive sexual desire is the most common form of female sexual disorder (HSDD). Although no androgen replacement therapies for female sexual dysfunction are currently approved for use in Canada, clinical trial support the efficacy and safety of testosterone therapy for HSDD.
How to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
Many Hormones promote or inhibit breast cancer in different ways. The effects and the mechanisms are reviewed in this article.
Low Testosterone in Men
Low male testosterone levels impact multiple organ systems. Low testosterone impacts men's health with physiologic effects on cognition, muscle mass, and strength, bone density, metabolic function, and mood. Recent study suggests that there may be some cardiovascular risk with using testosterone.
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Getting Pregnant

Are there ways to optimize your chances of getting pregnant? The answer is YES!

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