Dr. David Freedman BSc, MD, FRCP(C)  

Dr David Freedman, clinical cardiologist and co-founder of VitalityMD has learned over his many years of practicing Medicine to appreciate that in order for his patients to succeed in gaining optimal health, it is essential that they participate in their own wellness. This means that patients need to commit to exploring both exercise and dietary programs which would best serve their needs in order to help them lose weight and improve health. They need to achieve restful sleep, and they need to establish a routine which helps them to de-stress and includes the practice of guided meditation.  


Dr Freedman has always been an advocate of the importance of maintaining good health, both through regular exercise and healthy eating practices. He has always felt that people must seek the drive to do so for themselves.



Following an undergraduate degree in Physiology, completed with honours, Dr. Freedman studied Medicine at McGill University in Montreal graduating in 1989. Subsequently, he completed his internship in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. This was followed by residency training in Internal Medicine at the Toronto General Hospital between 1989 and 1992. He then completed 2 years of training in Cardiology at the Toronto Hospital from 1992-1994 following which he specialized in non-invasive Cardiology procedures at the Toronto Hospital from 1994-1996. In 1994 he was designated a Cardiology Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada. In 1992 and 1995 respectively, he received his certifications in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular disease from the American Board of Internal Medicine .  He has been active as a clinical cardiologist since 1996.  He worked at the Toronto General Hospital echocardiography lab and general cardiology clinic from 1996-2011, and has maintained a private practice  since 1996 with the Cardiomatters group in Thornhill and Markham, Ontario. In 2012, along with Dr Shari Caplan, he co-founded VitalityMD.

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